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At Meta Project Research, we are committed to providing exceptional service and products to our clients. We believe that this starts with building strong relationships and working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and goals. We have a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do and are dedicated to delivering high-quality work.

Why Research

For MPR, research is an essential component in our pursuit of realizing our vision, as it plays a critical role in developing innovative products, services, and solutions.  Through research, we discover new technologies, software, and algorithms that transform the way our clients operate and conduct their business.  It also helps us identify better ways of problem-solving, extending beyond the confines of an organization to facilitate collaboration with partners.  Without this critical component, we would fall behind in meeting the ever-changing demands of society and hinder the growth and evolution of our clients’ businesses. Therefore, research is a cornerstone of our commitment to delivering excellence and driving progress.



the offerings for our customers, the process we use and deploy, and the skills for our company and ourselves


reguardles of how hard it may be, in everything we do, without the thought of recognition.


Be truthful, open and clear.
Include stakeholders, customers, colleagues and suppliers.


Recognize the dignity of each person
, treating them with kindness, empathy and consideration.


In our actions and our words.
In technology and innovation.
In our careers and our industry.


to our customers, our suppliers,
our colleagues, our neighbors and community.

“The MPR Software and the Services provided by their team, helped us bring what was sure to be a failed project, back to a very successful outcome.”

Darryl Jordan, LMI

“The MPR team provided us a structure to detail our client offerings in a visual (multi-faceted) data design and tied that back to the portfolio and projects to drive our teams in the most productive way”

Greg Martis, UL

“The knowledge and direction that the MPR team has provided, has assisted our projects to bring successful outcomes to our clients.”

Michael Johnson

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Our Clients Are Like Family

As we reflect on the evolution of technology, we recognize the importance of embracing both success and failure in our journey towards progress. Benjamin Disraeli’s quote highlights the significance of learning from our mistakes and using them as stepping stones to achieve success. This principle holds true for MPR as we strive to empower our clients to reach new heights through innovative products and solutions.

Whether you are looking for assistance with a specific project or ongoing support for your business, we are here to help. We offer a wide range of services, including consulting, project management, and technical expertise in various fields.

We understand that choosing a partner to work with can be a difficult decision. That’s why we are committed to providing you with the information you need to make an informed choice. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and provide references from our satisfied clients.

Our Team

Our Professional team has the knowledge and skills to help our customers drive optimum outcomes throughout their business.

John Aaron founder of Meta Project Research

John Aaron


John Aaron PhD (Economics) is a 28-year veteran project management consultant and PMP. He was also adjunct professor and senior advisor for Elmhurst College’s Master’s Degree Programs in Data Science, Project Management and Supply chain Management. Since 1995 Mr. Aaron has served a variety of organizations as a contract project manager and as a software solutions provider specializing in enterprise project management, business transformation, SAP-ERP implementation management, CRM, IT infrastructure and data analytics. From 1989-1991 Mr. Aaron was Dean and Director of DeVry University’s Master’s Degree Program in Project Management which was one of the country’s first master’s level programs in project management.

Mr. Aaron’s Chicago-based company, has developed web-based project management tools using data science and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The software product offering began in 2008 when Mr. Aaron spearheaded an internal research and development effort called the “PRIMMS project”. The results of this effort led to the commercialization of the product (today known as “Iuvo”), as well as the discovery of several path breaking insights to how a next generation of AI tools can and will reduce PM risk on complex projects.

In his adjunct role at Elmhurst College Mr. Aaron taught in three master’s degree programs: project management, data science and supply chain management. Mr. Aaron was instrumental in the launching of the college’s master’s certificate in enterprise optimization. His research interests concentrate on the use of data science and supply chain control systems using artificial intelligence, reinforcement learning and machine

Bill Lattyak Statistical consultant at MPR

Bill Lattyak

Statistical consultant

Bill Lattyak is a seasoned statistician / data scientist with 30+ years’ experience and who has collaborated with world class statisticians, econometricians, and computer science professionals. He is co-developer of a major statistical software program (SCA Statistical System), designed predictive modeling and analysis systems for Fortune 500 companies, and consulted on a wide-variety of projects; both domestic and international. Besides being a statistician / data scientist by trade, Bill has a mathematical programming background with proficiency in several programming languages and he is highly proficient in database design and the integration of disparate systems.
Bill prides himself in having a common sense approach to problem-solving. Whereas many of the techniques he may use in problem solving can be complex or highly technical, he strives to deliver simplified solutions that are easily operationalized. By doing so, it avoids execution issues which are usually the first reason for a failed project.
Among the many challenging -yet highly successful – projects completed by Mr. Lattyak is a comprehensive forecasting system that was custom designed for a multi-brand international restaurant chain with 1000’s of corporate-owned restaurants. The forecasting system manages all data sources used by the predictive models at the individual restaurant level while integrating with cloud-based labor scheduling, product prep, and inventory management components. Bill also designed and spearheaded the development of a real-time scalable cloud-based analytic and reporting platform for a major on-line casino. In addition to database design and integration skills, Bill has expert knowledge of

  • Machine Learning applied to conversion propensity, classification, and optimization
  • Survival analysis to study attrition/churn and customer life-time-value
  • Path analysis to study the sequence and probability of events leading to an outcome (e.g., customer journey, buy-flow analysis, attribution)
  • Survey analysis and reporting related to voice of customer (VOC)
  • Cluster analysis and segmentation
  • Forecasting and advanced time series analysis (seasonal patterning, event impact, causality, outlier detection, cross channel dependencies)
  • Traditional statistical methods (regression, ANOVA, LP, Probability & distribution, Nonparametric, etc.)

Over the years, Bill has also provided consulting services to the healthcare industry and authored more than a dozen peer-reviewed research papers from hospital policy assessment to nonlinear relationships between hospital antibiotic usage levels and antimicrobial resistance of dangerous pathogens. He has managed and implemented survey analysis of customers and practitioners for health insurance carriers, and providers of healthcare services across North America. Through survey analysis, areas of strength and weakness were quantified across locations as well as strength and weakness compared with competitors.

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