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Statistical and Forecasting solutions

To provide a full-service portfolio to our clients, MPR has developed a long-standing partnership with companies like Minitab, Provalis Research and SCA.  Our team is well versed in the utilization of these and other tools to provide statistical consulting services for advanced business and industrial applications.  Please find highlights on how our partnerships can help support customers on needs such as forecasting, decision analysis, finance, etc.

Software Products

We provide leading software applications from companies like Minitab, Provalis Research and SCA Statistical Systems.  By leveraging advanced software products that may be used as a stand-alone package or may be integrated with an existing client applications (requiring plug-in capabilities) for forecasting, time series analysis, or advanced data analysis methods, we are able to reach our clients goals.

Please be sure to checkout our Software page for more information on the applications we provide.

Statistical Consulting Services

MPR has built its reputation on experience and solid data analysis solutions. Our team is comprised of leading research statisticians, applied econometricians, as well as specialized consultants and IT professionals with a minimum of 15-20 years of experience in their respective fields of expertise.

We take the time to listen to our clients, understand the issues and goals, look at the data, and recommend a plan of action that will bring our clients to a solution. MPR is best known for its work in time series analysis, and statistical forecasting methods, but is also experienced in other areas of statistical data analysis applications.

Our statistical Analysis products and services lead the industry.

Some of the areas we cover with our Statistical Systems

The most powerful forecasting and analysis software for time series data

Time Series Analysis

provides advanced software solutions for applications in time series analysis and forecasting. 


advanced software that provides comprehensive capabilities for business and industrial forecasting applications

Economic Analysis

provides comprehensive capabilities that encompass a variety of cross-sectional and time series modeling methods

Predictive Analysis

provides a wide spectrum of predictive modeling, data mining, and scoring capabilities using parametric, semi-parametric, and non-parametric approaches

General Statistics

Almost anyone with a need to analyze data can benefit from the general statistical analysis capabilities of the SCA System with its wide range of features


MPR provides technical support for the services and products we use in our practice. For your convenience, users may communicate directly with our team, or our vendors’ support staff by telephone during normal business hours. Users who are unable to call during normal business hours or need to provide us with supporting written material may use alternative methods. 

iuvo features
iuvo features

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