Voice of the Team (VOT) Cheat Sheet



The Voice of the Team (VOT) is a recurring survey-feedback approach enabling project managers/administrators to obtain first-hand feedback from project participants and stakeholders using email. The objective of these surveys is to probe and uncover team member’s perceptions regarding project health and project risk. This document summarizes the few, very simple steps required to execute this function within the iuvo® portfolio-project management tool http://www.iuvosoft.com . iuvo® is a registered trademark of Meta Data Research, llc. The iuvo interface is copywritten with all rights reserved.

This training document assumes that the user is already setup in iuvo and has successfully logged into a target project within the tool. The iuvo tool contains full Portfolio-Program-Project management capability, but in this document we will cover only those steps required to successfully execute and use the Voice of the Team risk management functions.

How to Schedule a Weekly or Bi-Weekly Survey

To initiate the VOT process we begin with the iuvo home screen for the selected project. Figure 1 below shows the iuvo home screen for a project that we will use as an example. This project (coded Sample 4) contains a very simple structure. It consists of a single milestone event Sample 4 Project Complete. Some projects contain multiple milestone events, and the process described below can be applied to any number of events. To keep things simple, however, we will limit our discussion to explaining how to set up and execute a survey of team members using just this single event project.

Fugure 1

As a first step the project administrator (user) should go to the main menu bar and place the cursor over Project Admin and then select VOT Survey from the dropdown. Clicking on this item will take the user to the email scheduling screen shown in Figure 2a below.

Figure 2a

On the email scheduling screen, the user should choose the targeted event name and then click on the Add Recipients link. Doing this will bring up a pop-up window enabling the project admin to add the email addresses of team members and stakeholders who will receive the email survey. Each email address should be separated by a semicolon as shown in Figure 2b below. Note: avoid leading or trailing spaces between email addresses.

Once the recipients are added and submitted the user should then click on the Cover Letter link. This will open a pop-up window containing default text to the survey cover letter that recipients will receive. The user can then add or change the text for the cover letter as desired as illustrated in Figure 2c. Once these changes are made, the user should click on Submit and then click on Close.

The user can then consider adding an optional third question to the survey questionnaire by clicking on the link to the specific event name listed and then filling in the text describing the desired question. Refer to Figure 2d. Once entered the text for the optional question will be saved by clicking on Submit and then clicking on Close. The above actions will take the user back to the Email Schedule screen.


Figure 2b—Viewable by Clicking on “Add Recipients” Link

Voice of the Team (VOT) Cheat Sheet

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